Douglas M. Chatham

3312 Cardiff Way

Decatur, GA. 30033 September 20, 1997

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The change in the emission inspection requirements for the Metropolitan Atlanta area planned by the EPA should be reversed. It is a very costly proposal that will not reduce Atlanta's hydrocarbon or ozone levels. It completely ignores other major sources of hydrocarbons. It ignores all of the stationary sources of hydrocarbons which could be reduced much more simply and at much less expense than the automobile emissions inspections.

Atlanta is a city in a forest of pine trees, which emit large concentrations of terpenes into the air. These terpenes are responsible for the blue haze in the smoky mountains, which is why they are called the "smoky" mountains. At least half of the hydrocarbons in the air in Atlanta are terpenes.

Service stations without vapor recovery systems are a much larger source of hydrocarbons than automotive exhaust. I think that, until every service station in the thirteen-county Metropolitan Atlanta area has vapor recovery for the tank trucks delivering gasoline and at the pump, the drivers of Atlanta should not be saddled with this EPA rule. I think all the drivers in the Atlanta area should simply refuse to comply.

No agency of the government should be allowed to impose rules and regulations on a "regional" basis. Whatever regulations are imposed on automobiles should be imposed universally. In other words, if the EPA inspects anyone's automobile for emissions, it should be required to inspect all automobiles licensed for use, and all automobiles should be required to meet the same standards.


Douglas M. Chatham

Environmental Chemist