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This works!! It has increased the speed of my computer noticeably and prevented crashes.


Click this button to purchase a self-extracting zip file containing three Excel templates, "Rich9.xls", "Amortc.xls", and "LoanTemp.xls". If you don't use Excel, send me an e-mail ( and I will use your information to print and bind a schedule for you.

"Rich9.xls" allows additional payments to principal to be added one at a time or beginning on a specified date for the remainder of the loan. It also allows adjustment of interest rates for ARM loans and variable loan origination dates. It will print your loan with a chart of loan balance vs. time.

"LoanTemp.xls" is a "what-if" template which allows you to calculate any one of the four loan parameters by entering values for the other three. The four parameters are: loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and monthly payment.

"Amortc.xls" combines the "LoanTemp.xls" template above with an amortization schedule. The combination allows adjusting the four parameters in the "what-if" portion and then calculate and print a full 30-year schedule.



The templates above are designed to be used with MSExcel 5.0 or higher. Please submit the registration form at the back of the template.


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