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Amortization Schedules

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Click each of the links above to Download the three Excel files; "Rich9.xls", "LoanTemp.xls", and "amortc.xls"

"Rich9.xls" allows additional payments to principal to be added once or beginning on a specified date for the remainder of the loan. It also allows adjustment of interest rates for ARM loans and variable loan origination dates. It will print your loan with a chart of loan balance vs. time.

"LoanTemp.xls" which allows you to enter three of the four loan parameters and the template calculates the fourth.

"Amortc.xls" combines the "LoanTemp.xls" template above with an amortization schedule. The combination allows adjusting the four parameters in the "what-if" portion and then calculate and print a full 30-year schedule.

Please fill out the Loanform page of the template to register your templates.


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