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Experience Summary

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Project Management of Preliminary Assessments (Phase 1), Site Screening Inspections (Phase 2), and Listing Site Inspections.  Data Review and Validation of CLP and Level III data according to Functional Guidelines.  Field Analytical Support Chemist.  Analyzed samples with an on-site GC.  Presented a comprehensive series of seminars on Basic Environmental Chemistry.

      COMPUTER:  Developed MS Access Relational databases.  Developed Visual Basic Program processing organic analytical air data.  Developed Visual Basic Program processing Toxic Release Inventory data including generating charts.  Skilled user of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Powerpoint.

      Experience Record

2004-Now        USEPA/SSAI providing technical assistance in the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) division.   Generate reports from the Risk Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) program using Excel Pivot Tables and Charts supporting Pollution Prevention efforts.  Presentation of a series of seminars on “Basic Environmental Chemistry”.  Development and presentation of seminars on TRI and RSEI.

1998-2002        J.M Waller Associates, under contract to the U.S. Army Reserve Command at Ft. McPherson. Environmental Chemist, NRCC-EAC (National Registry of Certified Chemists – Environmental Analytical Chemist).  Responsible for Clean Air Act Compliance at Army Reserve Command Installations, Regional Service Commands, and Facilities in the United States.  Point of contact for the Voluntary Ozone Action Program.  Developed database and Visual Basic front end for Cultural and Natural Resources and Environmental Compliance issues for the US Army Reserves.  Developed J.M. Waller Associates employees database and contracts database in MS Access.  

»1996-1998        State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Air Monitoring Group. Environmental Specialist III.  Responsible for establishing and maintaining a data management system for the Pollutant Air Monitoring Stations (PAMS), evaluation and routing of Volatile Organic Compound data from generation to EPA report.  Responsible for operation and data reporting for the carbonyl sampling system.

»1990-1995        Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.  Senior Chemist.  Responsible for laboratory audits, review of CLP data packages, development, approval, and auditing of QA plans, and training other employees on field GC methods.  Data review instructor in GC/MS Seminar.  Field analyses using portable and mobile GCs.  Established SOP's for data review and soil gas analysis.  Established comprehensive series of training seminars on Environmental Chemistry. Project Quality Assurance Manager for IRP activities and preparation of the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for a RCRA Facility Investigation.  Responsible for various phases of the quality assurance/quality control process including data reviews and laboratory audits at various DOD sites and preparation of a laboratory manual for the WWTP laboratory at an Air Force Base. Negotiated consent decree and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) modifications with EPA project manager and NEIC, Denver allowing a significant reduction of analytical costs by elimination of unnecessary field QC samples and an improved method of integration of GC chromatograms for weathered PCBs.

                          On-Site GC analysis of water samples by direct injection and head-space analysis.  Instructor of a series of in-house seminars covering environmental chemistry.  Conducted Continuing Education training to scientists and engineers through Clemson University.  Provided training in the areas of QA/QC of analytical data, field sampling methodologies, and fate and transport of contaminants.

1987-1990        NUS Corporation. Atlanta, Georgia.  Section leader of Organic Chemistry Section.  Reviewed and validated QA Level III and contract laboratory program (CLP) data packages.  Participated in construction and start-up of a base station laboratory in a trailer and two mobile laboratories in modified step vans.

                          Project Manager for several preliminary assessments (PA) evaluating sites on the basis of historical data, off-site reconnaissance, potential targets affected, and geology; Screening Site Inspections (SSI), which included sampling soil and water for the presence of contaminants; and Listing Site Inspections (LSI) leading to placement of a site on the National Priorities List.

1974-1984        USS Agri-Chemicals Atlanta, Georgia.  (now LaRoche Industries).  Development Chemist.  Principal investigator conducting laboratory scale evaluations of defoamers for use in wet-process phosphoric acid plants.  Developed an improved laboratory procedure for evaluating defoamers which predicted within 15 percent the usage rate in a full-scale production plant.  Developed method for removal and treatment of foam produced during production of wet-process acid, resulting in significant reductions in defoamer consumption during a full-scale plant test.  Tests showed that this process had the potential of eliminating defoamer consumption, increasing gypsum slurry filtration rates, reducing sludge formation in railroad tank cars, and producing a much lighter colored acid.

                          Provided extensive technical support for ammonia and ammonium nitrate sales groups.  Determined parameters necessary for distillation of agricultural grade ammonia to produce refrigerant and metallurgical grade ammonia.

                          Participated in development, scale-up, and production of Lithium Hexafluoro Arsenate, a specialty battery electrolyte.

                          Conducted evaluations of solvent extraction purification of phosphoric acid in a three-stage extraction, three-stage stripping laboratory scale, mini-plant capable of producing data applicable to a full scale plant.

                          Assisted in stack sampling activities at several fertilizer plants for EPA regulations covering fluoride emissions.

1965-1968        E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Savannah River Plant.  Development Chemist and Shift Supervisor.  Essential materials lab, separations area QC lab, shift supervisor in heavy water QC lab.


»B.S., Chemistry, 1963, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

»M.S., Chemistry, 1973, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Professional Affiliations

»American Chemical Society

Papers and Publications

"The Attempted Synthesis of an Electron-Deficient Isonitrile," M.S. thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Control of Foam Formation in the Manufacture of Wet Process Phosphoric Acid," U.S. Patent No. 4,581,156, April 1986.

"Vertical Segregation of VOCs and SVOCs in Soils associated with a Groundwater Contaminant Plume at a Former Jet Fuel Sludge Pit, Chanute Air Force Base, IL", a paper presented at the 39th Midwest Groundwater Conference, 1993.

"Cue the QA/QC", Soil and Groundwater Cleanup Magazine, November, 1996. "Precision Decision", Soil and Groundwater Cleanup Magazine, December, 1996. These articles are based on a position paper entitled "Suggestions for Reduction of Analytical Costs by Elimination of Unnecessary Quality Control (QC) Samples", September, 1995, available on the World-Wide Web at http://chatham.home.mindspring.com.
"Suggestions for Reduction of Analytical Costs by Elimination of Unnecessary Quality Control (QC) Samples", a paper presented at the 1999 Waste Policy Institute/ Environmental Protection Agency (WPI/EPA) Conference.